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PixBurner was developed to simplify the process of archiving digital images and movies to CD
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16 March 2007

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Putting up digital imagery onto websites and social networks is not new with the flexibility and ease it offers and further, the quality and resolution differs a lot in comparison to the traditional film based camera. Creating interesting looking web galleries with the help of varied application and software is the thing of the past now. The newest fad is to create stunning looking CDs and DVDs with numerous pictures inserted in it making it the perfect gift for your best friend and also can be made into a unique photo browser. PixBurner 2.0 is an innovative solution for storing up and browsing through images and can be highly useful for professional photographers.

PixBurner 2.0 opens with a vibrant looking interface with the major options placed at the top panel and main screen displaying the thumbnails of the images stored and easy options available on the right side for burning them onto a CD or even prints them. The software helps the user to archive the photos and videos from the computer system to a recordable CD or DVD disk which comes immensely practical to search for a specific image without going through the entire content of several disks. The application proves to be extremely simple without requiring any technical assistance or training and with the help of few mouse clicks; the user can upload photos to the Thumbnail Sheet and further alter the parameters like brightness and color. The thumbnail sheet facilitates tagging of any image placed on it and e-mailed or printed and even inserted into a Disk that can have an HTML slideshow and present images intuitively.

To conclude, PixBurner earns impressive rankings owing to the interesting premise this application offers and hence gets a rating score of four points for its user friendly usage and flexible approach.

Publisher's description

Primarily aimed at digital photo enthusiasts and professional photographers, PixBurner will help archive photos (and videos) from the computer to a recordable CD and DVD disks. Users can even print out thumbnails of the images recorded onto a disk, which comes in very handy when it's necessary to find a particular image without browsing through the content of several disks. Archiving photos with PixBurner couldn't be easier: no learning is required thanks to the simplistic interface, and users will be whizzing through the PixBurner's features right after the installation. With a few mouse clicks, they can load photos to the program's Thumbnail Sheet, edit their parameters, such as brightness, contrast and gamma, either automatically or manually by toggling appropriate sliders. There is also a possibility to browse photos with two automatic zoom levels with automatic vertical orientation. Any image on the Thumbnail Sheet can be tagged in order to be emailed, printed, or sent to the online photo center immediately or later. Once the archive is ready, users can insert a CD disk, hit 'Burn' in PixBurner, and begin the burn process. PixBurner will finish the process relatively quickly. The final disk will contain an automatically generated HTML slideshow that will work with most any standard home DVD player that supports Kodak Picture CD, or on a computer with any OS, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix. Along with a CD disk, users can print out 4x6 thumbnail view of images located on the Thumbnail Sheet. Each printed sheet may contain up to 350 thumbnails. Save your precious digital memories on CD or DVD along with their printed thumbnails, and you will make sure your photos will be viewed by many generations to come!
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